A documentary about how the opiate epidemic has affected a small town in Vermont and a doctor's attempt to help.

*Source: Data averaged from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Service Administration’s 2009 and 2010 National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH).

Do you know where most kids that abuse prescription drugs like opiates, amphetamine, and benzodiazepines get their drugs from from? If you think from a dealer or a doctor, you are wrong...they come from yours or a friends medicine cabinet! Lock up your medications. Prevention starts at home.   Please, lock them up or dispose of them properly.* 

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A documentary about the 24 Americans--including famous and prominent people--living in and talking about their recovery.

The New Mexico Directory of Addiction Services is a non-profit public service project produced in collaboration with Nu Health New Mexico and the New Mexico Society of Addiction Medicine to collect and maintain a comprehensive and updated directory of addiction services and resources for both providers and the community.

The hope is that this directory will provide for patients and or their families an easily navigated directory to search and find treatment and other valuable resources for themselves or their loved ones that may be struggling with a substance use disorder or addiction.  Is is also hoped that this directory will serve as a valuable resource for the general medical  community as well as the addiction/substance abuse treatment community to facilitate referrals and collaboration for treatment and for specialized services for substance abuse disorders.

The directory will provide a complimentary listing for any  service provider or health care provider that offers evidence-based services or other resources related to the prevention and treament of addiction and substance abuse. As a non-profit project, we will be asking for donations from the organizations and providers listed in the directory.  Advertising spots and premier listings at the top of the  pages will be available for sponsors and service providers who wish to make larger donations.  All funds donated will go to maintain the directory and any funds left over the cost of maintaining the directory will be divided between Nu Health New Mexico and the New Mexico Society of Addiction Medicine to be used for projects and activities related to education , prevention, and the treatment of addiction and substance abuse in our communities.

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NMDAS (New Mexico Directory of Addiction Services) is a comprehensive directory of addiction and substance abuse services and providers in New Mexico

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